Organic Nigella Oil

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PROBLEM SKIN | SENSITIVE | DRY Skin repairer Nourishing and regenerating Anti-bacterial and healing Multifunctional ingredient suitable for the care of problematic or irritated skin thanks to its... Read more

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  • Skin repairer
  • Nourishing and regenerating
  • Anti-bacterial and healing

Multifunctional ingredient suitable for the care of problematic or irritated skin thanks to its restorative and cleansing action, as well as mature skin, for its antioxidant action. It is also recommended in treatments to strengthen hair and brittle nails.

Packaged in a glass bottle
reusable and recyclable amber.


Our organic Nigella oil is known to promote the elimination of toxins from our skin and activate the microcirculation. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it is an oil particularly suitable for problem skin. It is incredibly effective in treating acne prone skin and reducing acne scars. Rich in vitamin E, it is also endowed with powerful antioxidant properties and therefore recommended in care for mature skin.


  • Soothing, it works wonders in the care of irritated skin or in massage oils.
  • Repairing and purifying the skin.
  • Antioxidant, it fights against damage linked to free radicals and thus fights against the signs of skin aging.
  • Nourishing and regenerating, it restores suppleness and softness to the skin.
  • Promotes tanning.
  • Revitalizes, softens and tones the scalp and hair.
  • Strengthens brittle hair and nails.

For what type of skin and hair?

  • Problem skin: its purifying activity prevents the formation of small spots
  • In addition to the care of skin problems: localized infections, atopic-prone skin
  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Anti-aging treatment for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin
  • As a supplement in massage products for pain
  • Dry and brittle hair
  • Dull hair
  • Problematic scalps
  • Fragile and brittle nails


  • Cosmetic ingredient for external use only.
  • Powerful oil, ask your doctor for advice.
  • Due to its essential oil content, do not apply to the eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Systematically do a sensitivity test in the crease of the elbow and dilute it before application to the skin.


  • Monounsaturated FA : 18 to 29% oleic (Omega 9)
  • Polyunsaturated AG : 50 to 60% linoleic (Omega 6)
  • Saturated FA : 10 to 15% palmitic, 3 to 4% stearic

Other active constituents of organic black seed oil

  • Vitamins: E, A
  • Other constituents: p-cymene, melanthine, nigelline and nigellone, thimoquinone, glucosides, carotene, minerals, carotenoids, unsaponifiables, traces of essential oil (including thymoquinone) (0.2 to 3%)

Organoleptic properties

  • Color : limpid, orange - brown color (sometimes greenish)
  • Odor : spicy and strong
  • Texture : slightly thick but fluid
  • Taste : bitter, pronounced

Vegetable oil sensitive to oxidation. Store in a cool place (<20 ° C) away from air and light.


Our organic Nigella vegetable oil is 100% pure and natural, extra virgin, first cold pressing without any addition, no chemical treatment and guarantee of cosmetic quality This oil comes from an oil mill located in Tunisia. She only works with local farmers and guarantees them the purchase of their produce. It thus promotes their autonomy, the maintenance of a peasant culture, adequate remuneration and crop rotation allowing biodiversity and soil renewal.


  • First cold pressing
  • Part of the plant extracted: seeds
  • Botanical name: Nigella sativa
  • Botanical family: Ranunculaceae
  • Origin: Tunisia
  • From organic non-European organic farming


Capacity: 50ml glass pump bottle.


INCI: Nigella sativa Oil (Nigella oil from organic farming)

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Organic Nigella Oil

CHF 13.20