Vegetal oils

    Vegetable oils in amber glass bottles to preserve their properties.

    Organic Calendula Macerate

    CHF 11.20

    SENSITIVE & REACTIVE SKIN | BABY SKIN Softening and softening Helps regenerate skin tissue Soothes sensitive and delicate areas of the skin Ingredient particularly suitable for irritated or sensitive skin,...

    Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

    CHF 11.90

    TIRED SKIN | DEVITALIZED Illuminator Regenerating and revitalizing Fight against skin aging Ingredient particularly suitable for care for all skin types, especially lacking radiance, thanks to its illuminating action. Packaged...

    Organic Castor Oil

    CHF 8.60

    SKIN WITH IMPERFECTIONS | SENSITIVE Fight against brown spots Fortifies and promotes hair and nail growth Ingredient particularly suitable for the care of mature skin prone to tasks. It is...

    Organic Nigella Oil

    CHF 13.20

    PROBLEM SKIN | SENSITIVE | DRY Skin repairer Nourishing and regenerating Anti-bacterial and healing Multifunctional ingredient suitable for the care of problematic or irritated skin thanks to its restorative and...

    Organic Argan Oil

    CHF 13.60

    SKIN WITH IMPERFECTIONS | DRY | MATURE Nourishing and restorative Toning and softening Fight against skin aging Multifunctional ingredient suitable for the care of mature skin thanks to its antioxidant...

    Organic Avocado Oil

    CHF 11.80

    DRY SKIN | DELICATE | MATURE Very nourishing Protects against attacks Regenerating and restructuring Multifunctional ingredient suitable for the care of mature skin thanks to its antioxidant content and dry...

    Organic Sweet Almond Oil

    CHF 11.80

    DRY SKIN | FRAGILE Nourishes and protects against dryness Softens and strengthens Soothing Ingredient particularly suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Sweet almond helps protect and repair the skin. It...

    Cherry Kernel Oil

    CHF 11.20

    NORMAL TO DRY SKIN | MATURE Nourishes and protects the hair Fight against skin aging Nourishes and regenerates dry skin Easily absorbed by the skin, it is an ingredient with...

    Organic Oleic Sunflower Oil

    CHF 5.80

    FRAGILIZED SKIN | MATURE | DRY Nourishing and soothing Fight against skin aging Dry touch, ideal for massages Ingredient recognized for its softening, anti-dehydrating and nourishing properties. It is one...

    Organic Grapeseed Oil

    CHF 13.20

    OILY & COMBINATION SKIN | MATURE & DAMAGED Sebum regulator Fight against skin aging Maintains and nourishes the hair fiber Ingredient with a fine touch, suitable for combination skin with...

    Evening primrose oil

    CHF 17.60

    SENSITIVE SKIN | DESIRED | MATURE Softening and soothing Revitalizing, restructuring Restores the beauty of nails and hair Ingredient particularly suitable for dry and mature skin. Restructuring, it is used...

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