Druydès solid shampoos allow you to regain healthy hair while nourishing the hair mass. You will have the opportunity to space your shampoos so that the chore of washing your hair becomes a pleasure!

    Oily Hair Shampoo

    CHF 12.90

    Soft and creamy mousse Soft and shiny hair synergy 100% natural solid shampoo Innovation of natural surfactant (SLMI) Recommended for oily hair Without essential oils Handcrafted Replaces 2 bottles of...

    Gentle solid shampoo

    CHF 12.90

    Gentle and without essential oils Cocooning treatment for the whole family 100% natural solid shampoo Innovation of natural surfactant (SLMI) Without essential oils Suitable for children under 3 years old...

    Dry Hair Shampoo

    CHF 12.90

    Pleasant and light foam Care of dry and frizzy hair 100% natural solid shampoo Innovation of natural surfactant (SLMI) Recommended for dry hair Without essential oils Handcrafted Replaces 2 bottles...

    Natural Baby Shampoo

    CHF 12.90

    Babies & Children under 3 For the very sensitive skin of the little ones 100% natural solid shampoo Innovation of natural surfactant (SLMI) Babies, children and colored hair Particularly soft...

    Solid shampoo case

    CHF 11.90

    Eco-Designed fabric case Designed for two solid shampoos 1x random color pouch Designed for travelers Does not allow moisture to pass through Waterproof fabric Collaboration with Le Green Griot Holds...

    Organic solid make-up remover Druydès

    CHF 16.50

    100% natural make-up remover Does not contain active Tensio = DOES NOT FOAM Fresh product without preservatives or wax Formulated to minimize allergens Suitable for pregnant women Gently removes make-up...

    Druydès Soap Dish

    CHF 8.90

    Wooden soap holder Wood absorbs moisture Makes drying easier Made of maple wood Absorbs moisture Can be dismantled and reassembled at leisure Easy to carry Handcrafted - To dry your...

    Organic Care Balm - Shea & Calendula - Druydès

    CHF 16.20

    Organic care balm Organic Shea & Calendula Regenerating and soothing Treats minor skin irritations Relieves burns Ideal for post-tattoo treatment Slow Cosmetics and Vegan Without essential oils - Le Baume...

    Ultra-mild organic soap 8.2% surgras - Druydès

    CHF 13.90

    Soft skin without tightness Sweetness for the whole family Ultra-mild 100% natural organic soap Dermatological Soap Face and Body Cold saponified and 8.2% surgras Without essential oils Fragrance free -...

    Organic Calendula cream - Druydès

    CHF 16.20

    The Organic Balm A new version of the famous organic balm with the texture of shea whipped cream . More fluid and drier to the touch, Organic Calendula Cream is...

    Organic toothpaste powder - Druydès

    CHF 8.50

    Description Fragrance-free, essential oil-free, dye-free Dermatologically tested and controlled Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies Made in Burgundy with Love Why did we choose these powders as ingredients? Xylito...

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