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    Blades for Bambaw safety razors

    CHF 2.90

    Box with 5x Bambaw razor blades 5x Bambaw razor blades

    Linen Stain Remover - Soap with Terre de Sommières

    CHF 5.90

    Ecological stain remover soap Effective against stubborn stains Pre-wash laundry stain remover Natural, economical and ecological Effective against stubborn stains Enriched with essential oils of Orange Blossom - Soap Stain...

    Epsom salt - Anaé

    CHF 9.80

    DETOX treatment treatment The famous Epsom Salt A must for relaxing baths Improves general health Attracts toxins Promotes detoxification Relief from migraines Improves absorption of vitamins Muscle relaxation - Epsom...

    Cotton swabs 400 pieces - Bambaw

    CHF 6.80

    Bamboo cutlery set 1x bamboo fork 1x bamboo tooth knife 1x bamboo spoon 1x bamboo straw 1x cleaning brush 1x practical cotton pouch

    Food baking soda

    CHF 6.50

    Food grade Baking soda Multipurpose product Well known to our grandmothers For cosmetics, kitchen Housekeeping, gardening Ideal for making DIY products - Baking soda Food 500g Ecodis Multipurpose product, well...

    Wesh Wash - DISH SOLID - Pachamamaï, 70g

    CHF 8.00

    Solid Dish Cleaner Degrease dishes and utensils effectively Solid zero waste formula Lower in water consumption Powerful degreaser For dishes and utensils - Solid & innovative cosmetics Thanks to the...

    Organic Soap Goodbye - Hands & Stubborn Odors - 100g

    CHF 7.60

    Exfoliating coffee & Thyme Ideal in the kitchen To neutralize stubborn odors Moisturizing and ultra-nourishing Use: for the hands YUKA RATING: 80/100 EXCELLENT - Ideal in the kitchen, this exfoliating...

    Bamboo cutlery set - Bambaw

    CHF 19.80CHF 9.90

    Bamboo cutlery set 1x bamboo fork 1x bamboo tooth knife 1x bamboo spoon 1x bamboo straw 1x cleaning brush 1x practical cotton pouch - Zero waste objective Some plastic products...

    Bamboo straws 22 cm (pack of 12) with cover - Bambaw

    CHF 20.00CHF 10.00

    12x Zero waste straws with cover 12x 22 cm straws 1x cleaning brush 1x online use and maintenance manual - Zero waste objective "It's just a straw" - say 8...

    Marseille soap flakes, 1kg - L'Artisan Savonnier

    CHF 15.90CHF 7.95

    Excellent allies for delicate and baby linen, L'Artisan Savonnier Marseille soap flakes can be used for machine or hand washing. 1 kg - The DIY range of L'Artisan Savonnier offers...

    Loofah soap dish

    CHF 5.35

    Multifunction soap dish To keep your soap dry 2-in-1 soap dish - This 100% natural loofah soap dish is the essential accessory to keep your soap dry! A multifunction soap...

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