Solid conditioners

    Organic solid conditioner for curly and frizzy hair - Mélo Ayurveda

    CHF 21.80

    Conditioner for curly and frizzy hair Curly hair requires special care. Curls should be hydrated, nourished and well defined. Do you need an effective detangler to improve hydration and remove...

    Organic Detangling Solid Conditioner - Mélo Ayurveda

    CHF 21.80

    Natural conditioner Do you need an effective conditioner to improve hydration and eliminate itching? This organic solid conditioner is enriched with castor oil and shea butter at the optimum concentration...

    Sweetie Detangling Solid Shampoo - Pachamamaï

    CHF 9.80 – CHF 13.90

    Detangling and Shampoo 2 in 1 Brings suppleness and shine to the hair 2 in 1 vegan solid shampoo Wash the hair Facilitating their disentangling Active ingredients of natural origin...

    Luxurious Creamy Hair Mask with Coconut Milk

    CHF 29.90

    Creamy hair mask Completely herbal New generation of masks Innovation "without quats" unique in Europe Creamy mask with coconut milk All-natural hair conditioner Use as a conditioner Suitable for professional...

    Organic Intensive Detangler & Solid Conditioner

    CHF 29.90

    SOLID Detangling Organic coconut & hemp oil New generation of conditioner Innovation "without quats" unique in Europe Completely herbal Nourishes and softens the hair All-natural hair conditioner Concentrated formula with...

    Detangling solid conditioner - Umai

    CHF 23.90

    Solid Conditioner Bewitching oriental fragrance Fully biodegradable Natural active ingredients that detangle, nourish 0% microplastic / 7 active ingredients Suitable for 60 treatments on average YUKA RATING: 100/100 EXCELLENT -...

    Strong Hold Styling Gel - 150ml

    CHF 14.50

    Organic Styling Gel 73% Aloe Vera For all hair types Organic and alcohol-free Strong hold 73% fresh Aloe Vera pulp Does not leave residue Preserves the scalp - The Pur'Aloé...

    Arctic Heather Herb Hair Rinse - normal or dry hair

    CHF 22.50

    Rinse normal and dry hair With Arctic Heather Herbs For healthy and shiny hair Apple cider vinegar as a conditioner Suitable for scalps and dry hair Restores softness and shine...

    The set - Hair care - Umai

    CHF 66.10

    The Umai Discovery Box Ideal to offer to your loved ones A perfect gift for Christmas The hair care routine (very) limited edition! YUKA RATING: 100/100 EXCELLENT - The gift...

    Cork case for conditioner - Umai

    CHF 15.90

    Cork box for conditioner Made of 100% cork oak Natural and biodegradable Perfectly suited to Umai conditioner To protect it and take it easily - Made of 100% natural and...

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