Hosting our website

Our website "" uses 100% renewable energy. The data on our website is located on servers in Switzerland and our host is ISO 50'001 certified (energy management standard), and has been certified by the "MyClimate" organization for more than 10 years. MyClimate is a Swiss non-profit foundation founded at ETH Zurich in 2002. Learn more about our hosting provider


Delivery without climate impact

To limit the ecological footprint, all our packages are shipped with the mention "ProClima". In exchange for a small surcharge (which we will take care of), the CO2 emissions relating to the transport of your parcel are fully offset by Swiss Post in climate protection projects in Switzerland and abroad.


Choice of our products

The choice of our products for our customers is oriented towards a "Zero waste" policy. We favour the purchase of products from small, innovative and family businesses. The majority of them design products labelled Organic, Slow Cosmetics, Vegan and Cruelty Free. For the protection of the environment, we favour articles packaged in cardboard packaging, for example FSC certified.


Choice of our partners

Our suppliers and partners are small family businesses, with ecological, environmental convictions and commitments, certifications, eco-labels and environmentally friendly products. We attach particular importance to product containers so that they can be reused as often as possible.


Recycled adhesives and cardboard

Plastic-free and recycled packaging materials are a priority. To best protect your products, we only purchase cushioning materials from recycled paper. However, we may sometimes protect your items with plastic materials (e. g. bubble wrap). These are recycled from the packages we receive from our suppliers and we want to give them a second life. To close the parcels, we only choose adhesive tapes made of ecological Kraft paper, without plastic, unbleached, made of 100% recycled Mandarin cardboard. Learn more about eco-friendly adhesive tapes


Economics of natural resources

Through our e-commerce site, we favour digital data over printed data (invoicing, archiving...). Only the documents that are really necessary are printed. By default, we send all our invoices in PDF format by E-Mail.