Konjac sponge - Mythic collection - Premium Bamboo Charcoal - Narwhal
  • Konjac sponge - Mythic collection - Premium Bamboo Charcoal - Narwhal
  • Konjac sponge - Mythic collection - Premium Bamboo Charcoal - Narwhal box opened

Konjac Sponge Mythical - Narwhal


Premium Konjac from Korea

Bamboo Charcoal
  • Acne, pimples and delicate skin
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Eliminate blackheads and acne
  • Ideal against acne
  • With chrochet to hang it
  • FSC certified cardboard packaging
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What is the Konjac sponge?

Originally from Korea and Japan, Konjac sponge has become an essential beauty ally. It cleanses the skin with a wonderful softness without aggression. This sponge has the advantage of being 100% natural and biodegradable, without colorants, preservatives or artificial pigments. They are regularly found on displays that are made in China. At Biotonic we do not like copies, that is why we have selected Konjac sponges from Korea Premium and 100% natural from Jeju Island, for a long period of use, and which have been awarded many times.

Real Konjac sponge mythical and dreamer 100% natural and Vegan

Konjac's mytic and dreamy range is available in five sponges, to suit all skin types. To protect the environment, our Konjac sponges do not contain plastic packaging, they are packed in FSC-certified cardboard packaging. 

Konjac Mythical Sponge Narval

Konjac's mythical and dreamy creatures for young and old. Narval is a blend of Konjac's natural vegetable fibers and bamboo charcoal for a smooth and silky skin. Once activated, the carbon is charged with positive ions and acts as a magnet that attracts the negative ions contained in many wastes. When charcoal is applied to the epidermis, sebum and impurities are attached. Quite simply! Ideal for acne and for skin prone to pimples. The package includes a Konjac standard size bamboo charcoal sponge and a removable Narval-shaped hook to hang the sponge and let it dry.

The red clay design is part of the "Mythical" edition of The Konjac Sponge Company.


Strengths of the Konjac sponge:
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • From the first use, leaves the skin extremely soft
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Exfoliates with extreme softness
  • Rebalances the pH of the skin
  • Leaves skin radiant and rejuvenated
  • Can be used alone or with a cleansing treatment
  • 100% natural, free of colouring agents or other additives
  • Helps to reduce the consumption of moisturizing cream
  • No need to use a cleaner, unless you want to
  • Wonderfully soft when moistened
  • Very useful to effectively remove masks
  • Suitable for atypical skin
  • Made in South Korea on Jeju Island

Image source: The Konjac Sponge Company

How to use a Konjac sponge:
  1. Sponge under slightly warm water for 1 to 3 minutes to make it malleable
  2. Once swollen with water, rinse it gently to remove excess water
  3. Cleanse the face with the sponge in small circles
  4. Your skin is perfectly cleansed and regains a brighter complexion
  5. Gently press the sponge to remove water without damaging the fibers
  6. Suspend the sponge, it will dry in a few hours in the open air
Tips and tricks:
  1. Replace your sponge when it begins to crumble
  2. A quality sponge is used twice a day for about 2 to 3 months
  3. Recycling tip: place it at the bottom of your plants' bins to maintain humidity
Several times rewarded

Still little known in Switzerland, the Mythic range of Konjac sponges from The Konjac Sponge Company has been awarded many times over. It is the world's leading brand of Korean cosmetic accessories.




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Vegan Society
Leaping Bunny
Skin type
Acne skin
Skin type
Skin prone to pimples
Bath and shower
Super produit
rating 10

Je suis très satisfaite de ce produit. C'est très agréable la sensation sur la peau.

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